Brexit negotiations continue

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The fourth round of Brexit negotiations has taken place between the EU and the UK. The latest talks followed Theresa May’s Florence speech, which she had hoped would provide impetus to the negotiations.

Immediately following the talks, David Davis stated the progress had been made.  He confirmed that the UK would honour its financial obligations and that the parties were close to an agreement on Euratom. It was also confirmed that the UK would give direct effect to the withdrawal agreement such that EU citizens would be able to enforce it in UK courts – although the EU maintains that jurisdiction over enforcement of the withdrawal agreement should rest with the CJEU, notwithstanding the UK’s promise to have regard to CJEU decisions.

As noted previously, the EU’s position remains that talks on future trade can only commence once sufficient progress is in relation to the UK’s withdrawal. 

At the conclusion of the talks, Michel Barnier noted that the Prime Minister’s speech had created a new dynamic in the negotiations. However, he cautioned that clarity was still needed on some issues and suggested that there could be no link between the UK honouring its existing financial obligations and any deal on the future relationship. Moreover, he confirmed that talks had not yet reached the point where discussions could begin regarding the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU, stating that I think it’s positive that Theresa May’s speech made it possible to unblock the situation, to some extent, and give a new dynamic to the situation. But we are far from being at a stage - it will take weeks, or maybe even months - where we will be able to say ‘Yes, okay, there has been sufficient progress on the principles of this orderly withdrawal.

Negotiations will resume in October.

Brexit: planning for the future as negotiations continue

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